Program Dual Career Support Service

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3. Inhoud per doelgroep ouders/coaches/sporters


Findings from research of the university of Ljubljana

Challenge younger volleyball players (14 – 16 y)

  • Combining volleyball and school

  • Psychological difficulties (FRA, MA)

  • Difficulties with the coach (SP)

  • Tiredness, sleepiness, lack of energy (ITA, SP - late night trainings)

  • Making sacrifices in social life because of dual career obligations

Challenge older volleyball players (16 – 18 y)

  • Combine school, studies

  • Motivation difficulties

  • Social difficulties

  • Physical problems

  • Volleyball career (MA)

  • Problems with the coach

young Athletes need to improve

  • Mental toughness

  • Time management

  • Self-esteem

  • Control over emotions: anger, sadness, frustration

  • Concentration, focus

  • Communication skills

older Athletes need to improve

  • Self-confidence, belief in oneself

  • Time management

  • Planning, organisation of activities

  • Concentration

  • Stress management

  • Perserverance


Hier een stukje tekst over de reden dat wij gekozen hebben voor 3 workshops over goalsetting, time management en mental resilience


Motivation and goal setting are essential keys for success in a career of an athlete:

  1. Without defining goals achieving success is difficult. It is important to write them down and make them clear.

  2. Setting goals to achieve something that belongs to your heart gets you motivated

  3. If you like what you are doing, you don’t need additional motivation

2.Time management

3.Mental resilience

Coaches & parents

Findings from research of the university of Ljubljana

Challenge coaches

  • Low self-efficacy of the players

  • Lack of motivation and willpower (FR)

  • Technical and tactical problems (FR)

  • Lack of discipline (difficulties with following the rules) (FR)

  • Parental expectations and pressures: “my child is exceptional“ (IT)

  • Mobile phones, too much time spent on social media (IT)

  • Low belief that a successful dual career is possible (MA


Coaches need

  • Relationship player - teacher - coach – parent

  • Knowledge about female athletes and their development

  • Ways to address tensions within the females' team

  • A course for athletes to teach them time management: practical implementation

  • Dealing with stress, self-esteem, time management & planning of athletes

  • Working with parents and dealing with parental pressures

Challenge parents

  • Late trainings: girls finish too late & non-optimal facilities

  • The coach should be a better supporter of the girls dual career

  • Losing time in daily schedule: a lot of time between school and volleyball, in which their daughter cannot do anything

  • Perfectionism: high goals in sport and studies

  • The importance of social life will increase

  • Deciding about the future studies, more difficulties in combining both careers


Parents need

  • Education for coaches: how to work with teenagers (SP)

  • Better communication between the coach (club) and the parents (SP)

  • Preparing the girls for transitions (SP)

  • Locating some of the activities into the school so that the girls would not need to drive (FR)

  • Mental coach

  • Examples about successful players

Hier tekst over opzet slides voor workshops voor ouders en coaches.