Dual Career for women athletes


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We believe there are 5 important conditions for a successful dual career for young athletes. When you go through the steps we created for you, then there is a good chance you will get the best results for your club and your athletes.

A dual career, why?

Athletes could do more to make the most of things during their athletic career, not just to become more fully rounded athletes, but also to give themselves a better shot of fitting into society as part of regular working life after their career ends, in a way that suits them. A dual career is so much more than just a safety net, so much more than just securing livelihood and so much more than just a future tool. Rather, a dual career should be seen as a metaphor for the passions, interests and talents and, hence, a metaphor for stability, balance and meaning, during and after a sporting career. Sportclubs can play a big role in this development. So lets start and get the most out of your athletes!

The 5 conditions for success of the DONA-project:

  1. Coordinator

  2. Philosophy

  3. Communication

  4. Implementation

  5. Monitoring


About Stichting De SportMaatschappij

De SportMaatschappij aims to help athletes thrive in society, helping our society, companies, and the athletes themselves benefit from their athletic careers more. We offer suitable support for athletes in all stages of their athletic careers. Our main focus in this is on coaching and helping them connect to society. On top of that, we work to put this issue on the map for everyone involved, so that athletes do not end up carrying the sole responsibility for being at a societal disadvantage after their career. Our society should open doors for (professional) athletes and give them a chance to prove themselves in a regular working environment. In doing so, organisations gain more than just diversity; they also end up benefiting from athletes’ dedicated attitude, their ability to inspire, and their experience in widely different areas.

Stichting De SportMaatschappij strives to connect sport and society in a positive way,

to allow everyone to reap the benefits of athletic careers.


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