Media could be local papers or radio stations to raise awareness for dual career and the project that the club is working on. Why is this important? When you spread the word that your club aims to have a dual career program for your athletes, it can be positive for your image, for the preservation of your athletes and also for the registrations of new athletes.

What do media need to know?

  • The importance of dual careers for athletes / students (and especially why it is important that children also participate in sports).

  • The club’s dual career vision / philosophy.

  • Who they can talk to for questions or more info.

How do you involve media?

  • Make a list of all the media around your club. The local newspapers, radio and maybe some important social media platforms.

  • Send a press release about the start of DONA and the Dual Career Program.

  • Use a quote or an experience from an ambassador to explain why you implement this program.

  • Collect regularly successful stories of your ambassadors and your athletes who benefits from a dual career. And call the newspaper to create a content article about it.

  • Post information on your own social media channels.

sylvia karres